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Guided Reading Curriculum

We create small group reading curricula to inspire lifelong readers

What makes us unique?

Provides everything to teach top-quality lessons, every day

With direct phonics instruction, a grade-level vocabulary program, hundreds of lesson plans, and supporting visuals at every level, our curriculum equips teachers with the tools to teach incredible lessons. We save teachers precious time, so they can focus on what matters most: their students.

Builds Teacher Expertise

We build literacy expertise into all parts of our curriculum. Through top-quality training, infusing research into everything that we do, and offering year-round ongoing support, we provide teachers with the expertise to make the best decisions for their students.

Books that Inspire Lifelong Readers

Our curriculum exposes students to books that tackle big themes with diverse characters and books that make you laugh, wonder, and ask big questions.  We pair these incredible books with informational articles so that students can fall in love with reading and build knowledge about the world around them. 


  • Lesson Plans for 250 Books

  • 100 Information Articles

  • Student Work with Written Responses

  • Vowel & Consonant Cards

  • R-Controlled Vowel Cards

  • Digraphs & Vowel Team Cards

  • Sight Word Cards

  • Word Family Cards

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  • Feeling Vocabulary Cards

  • Trait Vocabulary Cards

  • Vocabulary in Context

  • Nonliteral Language

  • Vocabulary Activity Plans

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  • Full Lesson Videos

  • Accountable Talk Lesson Videos

  • Vocabulary Lesson Videos

  • Written Response to Text Lesson Videos

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  • Comprehension Skill Visuals

  • Summary Visuals

  • Accountable Talk Visuals

  • Written Response Visuals

  • Word-Solving Visuals

  • Evidence Visuals

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  • Lesson Structure

  • Trajectory of Skills

  • Word-Solving Prompting Guides

  • Comprehension Prompting Guides

  • Vocabulary Instruction

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Books that Inspire

Beautiful literature with diverse characters and big themes can change a child’s life forever. Books can foster empathy, understanding, and open-mindedness. They can inspire wonder, curiosity, and a lifelong love of reading. Our curriculum is full of books that will inspire.

See it in Action

Designed for Small Group Instruction

This is a small group curriculum focused on phonics, comprehension, vocabulary, and building knowledge.  The curriculum can be used with groups of 3-10 students in 25-minute blocks. It can be used in correlation with a variety of assessments and should be combined with a whole-group reading curriculum.

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